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Sandy Syburg, President Purple Cow Organics LLC Syburg, a self-taught agronomist, travels throughout North America learning with, and assisting growers through the application of bio-mimicry. Purple Cow Organics mission is to provide organic conversion services with a commitment to producing the highest quality soil products available. Improving the soil and the quality of the food it grows while remaining committed to doing no harm to the environment in the production of its products. In the 1990’s Syburg implemented a shift in production to include only ingredients from rapidly renewable resources. Purple Cow Organics conversion services annually process and divert over 100 million pounds (50,000 tons) of material from landfills. With increased knowledge of the potential risk of chemicals in our growing environment, Syburg is committed to converting organic nutrients in the most Eco-friendly manner. (Eco as in Ecological and Economical). Syburg’s experience over the past 2 decades in the development, production, and distribution of compost, studying soil science, and developing soil amendments has put him in the national spotlight as an innovator and high quality, ecological producer. • 2005 US Compost Council STA certified compost producer • 2007 EPA Region 5 partnership promoting compost utilization in erosion control and surface water improvement • 2008 AROW Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Award • 2009 WIDNR Tactical Advisory Committee on Organics • Operates 5 WIDNR compliant compost facilities in Southeastern Wisconsin • Commercial food residual composting experience (Ocean Spray, Nestles, Whole Foods) • Official Composter of Farm Aid 25

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Purple Cow Organics
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W360 N8515 Brown Street

Phone: 920-355-4038

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