Janine Bamberger

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (MS, RDN, CD) with a unique background in clinical care, innovation, computers and education.  My work experience has focused both on narrow areas of nutrition such as neonatal/perinatal nutrition care and delivery of bariatric nutrition services, and on broader areas of clinical nutrition education and management, and wellness.

In 2013, after many years in hospitals, I started Coltivato LLC, a small company focused on assisting individuals on their journey to “sustainable personal wellness,” helped launch a healthy fast food restaurant, completed a Wellness Coach Training Program and co-founded Greenpie OOD (an international start-up SaaS application focused on flexible, nutrition and wellness communication for nutrition professionals and their clients).  At Greenpie, I listen to customers, guide them in software use and online business planning, and utilize customer feedback to plan application development. More recently, I have joined the (adjunct) faculty of Mount Mary University in its mission to educate nutrition professionals. I am anxious to make qualified nutrition practitioners more accessible to consumers through cost effective, convenient means such as telehealth.

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Position: Nutrition Consultant/Educator

The mission of Coltivato is to unearth, nourish, refine, and grow "sustainable personal wellness."


Phone: 414-759-5325

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