Harvey Taylor

Full-Spectrum Nutrition                                     

Pole beans are sprouting,

pea vines climb a wire trellis,

we’re picking young kale leaves,

spinach, and mustard greens,

foraging dandelions, violets,

plantain, hostas, and Virginia waterleaf,

cilantro is coming along,

tomato plants are in the ground,

with yellow flowers here and there…


but it’s not only the body

that gets hungry:


the soul has an appetite, too, and

loves to dine on children’s laughter

floating over the fence,

a flurry of apple blossoms

scattering on the breeze, and

a robin suddenly lighting

on the bird-bath rim,

then splashing, and splashing,

and splashing again,

in the afternoon warmth,

after gentle rain


Primary IUAN Affiliation:
Other Affiliations: · · ·
Earth Poets & Musicians
Sector: Non-profit

Position: founding member, 30 yrs performing, organizing etc

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