Courtney Berner

I am a cooperative development specialist at the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives where I provide various types of technical assistance and counsel to existing cooperatives and to groups interested in pursuing cooperative business activities. I have policy, research, and outreach experience in a range of issues related to food systems, environmental sustainability, community economic development, and the cooperative business model. Prior to graduate school, I spent five years at the Worldwatch Institute, an environmental think tank in Washington, DC, where I worked in communications and development. I earned an M.S. in agroecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011 and a B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University in 2003 where I studied biology, French, and environmental studies.

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Primary IUAN Affiliation:
UW Center for Cooperatives
Position: Cooperative Development Specialist

The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives seeks to increase understanding and encourage critical thinking about cooperatives by fostering scholarship and mutual learning among academics, the cooperative community, policy makers and the public. Established in 1962, the staff at the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives pursues a research, educational, and outreach agenda that examines cooperative issues across multiple business and social sectors. The agenda encompasses all aspects of the cooperative business model, including development, finance, structure, and governance.

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220 Taylor Hall, 427 Lorch Street

Phone: 608.890.0966

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