Barbara Richards

I am a life long home gardener,and have three children and three grandchildren. The Ethical Principles of permaculture: Care for Earth, Care for People, Fair Share for all; purpose the daily choices I make affecting earth and others, now and forever. These echo the faith journey of my spiritual life.


Primary IUAN Affiliation:
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Reflo: Sustainable Water Solutions
Sector: Non-profit

Position: Director of Outreach

Student status: Other

The mission of Reflo is to become a leader in sustainable water use, green infrastructure and water management in urban environments. Grounded in strong client relationships and community partnerships, we will provide cost effective and sustainable solutions for rainwater and greywater use. We will accomplish our objectives through education, research, and the implementation of water projects that are rewarding for individuals, local communities, and the organizations that support them.


3210 N 83rd Street

Phone: 414-259-0731

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