Adam Romanak

My passion is restoring natural areas. I enjoy working with the land, whether it be with crops, livestock (goats) or natural areas. I have enjoyed working and volunteering for a diverse group of companies with expertise in land management throughout the state of Wisconsin. A lot of my work is done controlling invasive species using multiple control methods (mechanical, chemical, manual, fire, and grazing). My past livestock experience involved working on the the largest meat goat farm in the Midwest, which gave me the know how to start a herd at the Hunger Task Force Farm in Franklin, WI for prescribed grazing.


Primary IUAN Affiliation:
Other Affiliations:
Parks & Natural Areas
Position: Parks & Natural Areas Manager

Student status: Undergraduate

Hunger Task Force believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. Hunger Task Force works to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today and by promoting social policies to achieve a hunger free community tomorrow. We attack the issue of Hunger on two fronts: Advocacy and Food Banking.


201 S. Hawley Court

Phone: 4143153348

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